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What Is It?

Tabernanthe mannii (pronounced manny-eye) is an extraordinary plant from West Africa in the same genus as Tabernanthe iboga.

Smoother than Iboga Micro-dosing, The mannii is a very effective tool for self inquiry and personal transformation.

Many people say it is “the best microdosing”,
subtle yet extremely powerful.

How It Works?

A herbal product called Lambaréné made from Tabernanthe mannii extract was marketed in France from the 1930’s to the 1960’s for depression, energy and as a profound health tonic. People typically microdose mannii (manny-eye) in order to gain clarity, insights and healing, as well as for the anti-addictive properties ibogaine is known for.

Science understands very little about how ibogaine works, except that it can have startling and miraculous effects, especially in relation to addiction. Very small amounts of mannii work because you are connecting with the spirit of the plant, and so that is why even one drop, can at times, feel quite potent.

The difference between mannii and Iboga microdosing, is that most batches of Iboga are not quite as smooth or clarifying, and the mannii appears to work more deeply on the emotional body. The mannii seems to unlock neural pathways, reprogramming and rerouting how data flows within the complexity of the human body. Very small amounts of the mannii can change lives, bringing repressed emotions to the surface and unblocking and clarifying deep issues within the human organism, creating enormous changes and healing within individuals.

How to use it?

The drops are best taken only once in the morning when you get up.
1-3 drops is recommend for very sensitive people to start with.

4-5 drops is going to be imperceptible to most people, but as this is micro-dosing, it is going to work with you therapeutically. You might feel a bit more energy.

10 drops is going to be quite noticeable for most people.
This is a fairly decent micro dose of around 80mg of Mannii root bark.

15 drops is about as strong as is recommend a day in terms of
micro-dosing as this might effect your ability to carry out daily activities.